The QUICK SECRET to Paint Protection: TRANSFORMING my JAGUAR F-TYPE’S paint in 10 minutes

Shine Armor:
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Shine Armor Fortify Quick Coat is a combination of rinseless wash and ceramic coating! It works just like the other quick washes on the market – You get a damp microfiber cloth and spray the Fortify Quick Coat on the cloth. Then apply to the paint gently in smooth strokes. Immediately take a second dry microfiber cloth and buff until dry. That’s it!

The best part is because it has ceramic coating in it, you’re not only washing your car, you’re actually putting in some more ceramic coating so you can have a bit more paint protection! I was able to wash and protect my Jaguar in only 10 minutes, and I did the Ferrari 458 in less than 15 minutes! I’m a big fan of this new product.


My buddy Baron hooked me up with 2 tickets to the upcoming SVRA races THIS WEEKEND at COTA! And I’m giving them to you! I can’t make the races as I’ll be up in Michigan for the weekend, but 1 of you can take my tickets and go watch the races with VIP SUITE ACCESS! Meet some great fellow gear heads, drink some beer, eat some food, and watch some kick butt racing!

REPLACING Ferrari 360 FUEL PUMPS (Its a Disaster!)

Left Fuel Pump:
Right Fuel Pump:

Please visit and make sure you select the correct fuel pump for your car as they had different versions for the spider/coupe/430/360. Make sure you don’t forget to use NGS10 and get 10% off your order too!!!

The Fuel Pumps in the Ferrari 360 and F430 are notorious for failing. The good news is that they aren’t terribly difficult to replace. The bad news is they are still a pain in the butt to get out of the fuel tanks. In this video we show how to really have bad luck when replacing the the fuel pumps in Josh’s Ferrari 360 coupe.

The stupid ring nut on top of the fuel pump actually cracked when reinstalling it! And to make matters worse, we cannot locate a replacement part!


My Brother’s Taycan Config:
My Taycan Config:

My brother David is a Porsche fan, and has decided to buy the new Porsche Taycan Turbo. This will be the 6th Porsche he’s owned. He’s previously owned a Cayman GT4, Carerra 4s, Panamera, 930 Turbo, and GT3. Sadly I can’t seem to convince him to get a Ferrari.

But we want your help! Go spec out a Taycan Turbo given his constraints, and if your config is better than his, he may actually use it when he submits his final build spec! So let’s see what spec you can come up with!

REVEALING How MUCH it COST to own my FERRARI F430 for 3 YEARS – In Detail

I owned my Ferrari F430 for almost 3 years. In that time I drove it well over 20,000 miles and did all the maintenance and modifications myself. The DIY servicing of the car probably saved me about half the cost if not more rather than taking it to a dealership or professional shop.

In this video I break down how much I spent per year and per mile on the car by different categories – Interest, Insurance, Parts, and Maintenance. Of note, the car NEVER left me stranded and never had maintenance that I could not fix myself.


After we picked up the Testarossa, Todd and I made 2 stops while in Orlando. First we visited Craig who owns No Spots Pro ( and got to check out his Murcielago and Maseratti. Craig is one of those no f’s given type of guys that is a mad scientist, and I love that.

After that, we swung by Tavarish’s shop. I’m sure you know Tavarish…
He gave me a sneak preview of the interior on his Lamborghini Murcielago with forged carbon! It looks simply stunning! I had a great time having a chat with Freddy, but we had to get back to Texas with our new Ferrari Testarossa Project car.

The BlackVUE Dash Cam we discuss:
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BUYING our Next PROJECT FERRARI and it NEEDS WORK… // The Secret Ferrari Project Unveiled!

After the Major Engine Out Service on Tim’s 348, I began the hunt for our next Major Ferrari Project car… And I stumbled upon this amazing 1987 Ferrari Testarossa in amazing condition but needing a major and some other minor work.

So I partnered up with Josh and Todd, we bought it, and Todd and I drove all the way to Orlando, Florida to pick it up and trailer it home! Another massive road trip adventure was born!

I got to test drive the Testarossa and one of my childhood dreams was achieved! This car is simply amazing. I can’t wait to get it home and we get to tear that engine out and make it run perfect!

Surprising Kids with FREE FERRARI RIDES! **Priceless Reactions**

I was voluntold on Facebook about a grandmother seeking a Ferrari owner to give her grandchildren a ride in a Ferrari. After I was tagged in the post multiple times, I figured I should probably do some more good deeds and give these kids some awesome memories.

So I called up Tim, and asked him to join me with his 348. After all, what’s better than 1 Ferrari? 2 of course!

We headed over and gave quite a few rides to some very excited kids who hopefully are now Ferrari fans for life!

LIFE of a YouTube FERRARI OWNER: Meg is now a MODEL! // Celebrity Photoshoot

Meg came up with an idea to have a photo shoot with all the “cast” of Normal Guy Supercar. The idea was to make it tongue-in-cheek, where all the other people would be dressed up ironically over the top, and I would be wearing my “Normal Guy” clothes posing with the Ferrari. It ended up just being a fun time as lots of beer was consumed through the evening.