2006 Ferrari F430


Miles: 45,323
Exterior Color: Silver
Interior Color: Black
VIN: ZFFEW58A160149784
Transmission: Single Clutch
Aftermarket Stereo
Axel Lift
Leather Seats
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Has aftermarket air-ride suspension

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1999 Ferrari 360


Miles: 35,000
Exterior Color: Blue
Interior Color: Tan
VIN: ZFFYR51A7X0116840
Transmission: Manual
Aftermarket Stereo
Leather Seats
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Up for sale is my 99 ferrari 360 six speed with tan interior . car has new wheels and tires that have 100 miles on them at the most and you can have the stock wheel if you like . has a tubi exhaust along with tubi carbon fiber engine panels . everything on the car is in perfect condition and rides very nice . car has been serviced on a regular basis . the last major service was done 3 years ago . I just had the car checked over by my Ferrari mechanic and everything is in perfect working condition . we can help set up a belt service at a very good price for the new owner if needed .

Interior is super clean and has very little wear on the drivers seat .

I just had all the fuel injectors replaced along with an oil change and had the car checked out .

The aluminium interior parts have been dipped to look like carbon fiber but I have the original parts if you would like them .

Car was purchased new in California . comes with the tool kit , manuals and factory car cover and bag

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The new Corvette C8 is about the hit the streets and I’ve heard lots of opinions on how this will affect the Ferrari value and market. After digging around on the internet I have come to the conclusion that the C8 will probably have little to no effect on Ferraris. Why?

Ultimately you have to remember that Ferraris are irrational purchases. The Corvette is somewhat practical and at a price point at which people do not consider it to be in the same classification. The people who want to buy a Ferrari aren’t generally concerned with getting a good deal, so the difference in price is irrelevant. Ultimately, if you want to buy a Ferrari, it’s because it’s a Ferrari.


Over the past year of owning both a Ferrari 458 Italia and a Corvette C7, I have found that both cars are very reliable. In fact, neither has had any sort of major problem or put me in a situation where I was stranded. The Ferrari had a strange headlight issue that existed before I bought it, but otherwise has only had a headliner that’s sagging, and some stretched leather on the dashboard. No mechanical problems at all!

The Corvette C7 has only had a bit of leather stretching on the center console, and the clutch pedal began to stick. It looks like it’s possibly leaking clutch fluid but if so it’s a very slow leak.

Given that both cars seems to be super reliable, I compare the maintenance costs and as you’ll see, they are basically the same! So for all the Corvette owners saying that their car is SO much cheaper to maintain, they would be wrong.

FIXING a SUPER COMMON Ferrari F430 & 360 Problem – DIY Engine Mount Replacement

The engine mounts in the Ferrari F430 and 360 are known to degrade and collapse after about 10 years. Unfortunately the rubber rots, and then compresses and the mounts become worthless. The engine will move around a lot and cause poor shifting and make the car feel looser.

Luckily, replacing the mounts is fairly easy and can be done at home in only a few hours of work. You will need to have access to a lift or jack so you can remove the bottom tray. It’s also a good idea to have an air impact or very strong electric impact gun available. The center bolts are 24mm sockets, and the smaller bolts are 17mm. The center are torqued down to 98nm or 72ft-lbs and the smaller bolts are 50nm or 37ft-lbs.

Stu, Jeff and I DIY replace the engine mounts on Stu’s 360. Watch and enjoy our banter and shenanigans while learning and screwing up as usual.

WHY TURO SUCKS! Renter DESTROYED my Corvette’s roof

During what was supposed to be the 2nd to last Turo rental my Corvette was going out on, the renter failed to secure the roof of the C7 properly and it flew off on the highway! Then apparently some other vehicle drove over the roof or something. Either way, it’s completely destroyed. The fiberglass is shattered and the latching mechanisms are gone! Obviously I’ll have to get a new roof.

Now comes the fun part, I get to deal with Turo’s support which is pretty terrible to say it politely. I suspect they will low ball the claim and won’t pay out enough to get a new roof or take care of this. We shall find out. Stick around as I resolve this issue.

MURICA DIY!! Changing Camaro SS Front Brake Pads

Scot’s Camaro SS needed some new front brake pads badly. So he came on over to the Normal Guy garage and we slapped in some new pads. The awesome part about working on a common American car while living in the US is the parts are easy to find and cheap! The brake pads only cost about $50 saving Scot a solid $500 versus taking the car to the dealership. The entire project only took about 1 hour of actual work once we had the correct brake pads.

HUGE ROCK DESTROYS AMG C63S & Lotus does what they do best, BREAKS

One last drive for 2019 and it was clearly not the best of luck. 2 cars in the group broke! A Lotus Elise was just happily driving along and suddenly died. Like completely dead. No starter, no ignition, no engine, nothing. So we had to abandon the car and have it towed to a shop.

Shortly after the Lotus incident, Eric’s AMG C63S hit a HUGE rock in the road and it damaged his wheel. The wheel was bent so badly that the wheel would hit the brake caliper every rotation! How it didn’t pop the tire is beyond me! Thankfully we had all the tools necessary and a spare tire so we could at least limp the AMG back home.

Quite the adventure and always fun going out for a spirited drive with the guy!

Lessons Learned from a FAILING TURO Rental Car Business

After over 1 year, 8 cars, 200+ rentals and NO profit, I’ve learned quite a few things about renting cars on Turo, and how it’s not a very good idea to rent YOUR car on Turo. Ultimately Turo keeps changing their policies making the revenue get smaller and smaller as they keep bigger portions of the rental fees. They have also added numerous policy changes that are totally favoring the renters, not the owners.

If you’re considering renting your car out on Turo, this video is a MUST WATCH for some insights and lessons that I’ve learned the hard way. Don’t make the same mistakes I did and learn from my failures.

On my path to a Ferrari.

Here is hopefully a inspirational story, of my path to becoming a Ferrari owner, one of my life goals. The goal is set towards the 458 spider in Tour De France blue, although the ultimate car for me might be the F50, LaFerrari is also crazy but both of them are getting quite pricey.

I ended up doing a few things on the side, my trade is electronic technician and have been working as an electrician mosty reasent years, i did manage a full blown burn out in my electrical work (currently i am 32 years old) and i have recently turned back to work after a bit over a year now, i did how ever not waiste my time entirily in this long needed forced vacation, or actually did about 3-4 months of absolutely nothing (which would be best spent abroad somewhere far far away, just make it completely different than your normal life which got you into this mess)

After this period of doing almost nothing i started researching setting up an Amazon business, generally called FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) which is started working on full time and did for about 8 months before launching my first products and starting selling, now about one and a half year later i have managed to make a few thousand dollars in revenue and i´m constantly improving, in 2020 i hopefully can launch another product which would also go much faster into the green since now i know all of the hidden costs and tips and tricks, while still doing some of my electrical work (lucikly i work for a staffing agency so i can choose when i work, which my ususal period is 3 weeks working and 2 weeks off), but i´m hopeful that Amazon income will replace that income and well more than that, so i can afford that shiny blue car !

Regarding my car enthusiasm, i have always loved Ferrari most of all the brands, they are the most exciting cars in my mind, i generally don´t hate others like Lambo, i´m not a binary opionion in those matters, i especially love the Diablo and  many more cars, i just want to have them exciting, engaging and fun (that is also why i hate modern French cars, they are none of those things!)

For the longest time i have been a Mercedes Benz owner, i almost only bought the W124 E-class (1985-1995 models, prefer the 93-95 last facelift model) since they are just such a great car, on the following photo is my first proper V8, E420 Sportline fully loaded with an AMG body kit, not totally completed on this photo but one of the best all round cars there is !

I do some of the maintenance work my self, i just came from the garage yesterday after replacing the brake calipers in my Honda CR-V (yes, my family has 2 of those, both 2005 models), and the rear calipers freeze up and it´s pretty much the only thing that goes wrong on those super reliable Honda cars, they were originally bought for the purpose of P2P rentals, much like you did on Turo, but i did find that after doing all the numbers the return was close to zero, so it´s much better for my to do a bit of extra work in the electrical field than spending more time on these rentals, we chose the CR-V because of reliability, very decent size and AWD system, which in Iceland is sometimes needed and rented them out to tourists, and they have decent ground clearance. I also thought that we would like to own them even if the rental would stop and they are really good all rounders.

But i do find your channel interesting when it´s showing the behind the scenes, fixing a Ferrari is usually done in some secret location, but a lot of the items are really serviceable for the weekend warrior, with a bit of knowledge.