The project Ferrari F430 is sold and the new owner is enjoying it. But, how much money did I make? How much did we pay for it? How much did it cost? And how much profit? Plus I send the person who referred the car 1/3 of the net profit!

FABSPEED FULL X-Pipe EXHAUST DIY Installation on a Ferrari F430

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The LAST work on the Project Ferrari F430 before it ships out. The new owner Josh wanted to have me install a full Fabspeed Exhaust and I got him hooked up. The Fabspeed exhaust has a x-pipe setup with valves, carbon fiber exhaust tips, and of course we got rid of the cats using test pipes so it’s a straight pipe!


The Project F430 is about to head to it’s new owner, but before it does Josh from Exotic Power & Performance is going to tune the ECUs so it will pick up about 30-40 horsepower. This will also get rid of the CEL coming from the new exhaust.

The Ferrari 348 has another ANNOYING PROBLEM, can we fix it?

Tim’s Ferrari 348 was having a strange idle issue where it would surge and idle very high. After taking his car to Josh (@exoticpowerperformance) it was determined that one of the O2 sensors was bad. So we pulled out the exhaust, and had new bungs installed. After that we installed new O2 sensors and it seems to have resolved the problem!

I have a NEW JOB, What will happen to the NGS YouTube Channel?

The time has come for me to go back to a “real” job. Thankfully I have started a new job with an amazing company working with some outstanding people. And best of all, I will be continuing to do my YouTube videos, although with less frequency. Thank you to all of you that have supported me and the channel over the past year trying to grow this into a sustainable occupation. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite grow enough to cover the bills, but it has been really fun and sometime, it’ll get there.

Ferrari High Speed Passes on a closed Runway with RAW SOUND

Day 2 at the Ox Ranch / Drive Tanks and they closed the runway down for us. 10 Ferraris with 5,800 feet of runway, and no police. Top speed was 176 MPH! I got some epic raw sounds of the exhausts. We had Ferrari 360, F430, F12, California T, 458, 488, and even a Porsche 911 Turbo.


The Ferrari Club of San Antonio organized another EPIC weekend drive out to Ox Ranch and Drive Tanks. We got to crush a car with a tank, shoot lots of guns, drive tanks, and of course drive the Ferraris! This is just about as good as it gets!

Check out Ox Ranch and Drive Tanks, tell them I sent you.

We BROKE Richard’s Ferrari 458 AGAIN! Spark Plug Change goes HORRIBLY WRONG

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We are going on a cool Texas drive this coming weekend, so in preparation, Richard and I wanted to get our 458’s new belts, and new spark plugs. Unfortunately, when trying to remove one of Richard’s ignition coils, the coil snapped in half and was stuck on the spark plug! So we had to call in Josh to get his help.

Is the Ferrari F430 THE BEST Supercar DEAL RIGHT NOW?

The Ferrari F430 is a outstanding supercar that is easily found for under $100K. The styling is still very modern as it’s it’s performance. Combine that with well documented DIY support and easy to maintain, and it’s a home run to buy. Not to mention it’s very likely at the bottom of it’s depreciation curve.

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After having my Ferrari F430 catch on fire recently, I investigated which fire extinguisher would be the best option for my cars. I found Element Fire Extinguishers and they have a much better option than typical fire extinguishers.