Glidecoat Nano Compound – Heavy Cut 16oz


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This is a heavy-cut formulation of Glidecoat Nano Compound that combines the workability of polish with the cutting action of compound! It has been formulated to restore luster and shine to damaged gel coat or paint by removing deep swirls oxidization, most scratches, and heavy watermarks.

The product is safe to use on gel coat, clear coats, fiberglass and all painted surfaces including aluminum. It contains no wax or silicone and can be used in sun or shade.

Glidecoat Nano Compound can be used as a one step process or as the first polishing step after wet sanding. Glidecoat Nano Compound pairs perfectly with Nano Polish for an even better finish!

  • Heavy Cut Compound
  • Provides Fast Cut
  • Smooth Finish
  • Ideal for use on Oxidization

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16oz, 1 Gallon


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