Scrape Guards



Protect your car WITHOUT tools or drilling your bumper!

I personally hated installing the old style of scrape protection on bumpers when I had to drill holes in my bumper just to protect my bumper.  It made no sense to me.  So when I discovered Scrape Guards which are applied using an extremely tough adhesive, I was very interested.  I’ve now had the Scrape Guards on my Ferrari for about 2 years and they have taken a severe beating, but my bumper has remained protected and none of them have fallen off!  I’ve even scraped going well over 100 mph and they stayed in place!  To me, these are the only option to protect your car’s bumper.

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Single Kit, 2 Kits (Save $30), 3 Kits (Save $60), 4 Kits (SAVE $100)


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