My Ferrari F430 Clutch & F1 Transmission are in PERFECT CONDITION!

Josh Hill is a Ferrari Technician and he connected his computer to my car and checked out my clutch’s status along with my F1 Transmission. As it turns out, both are in remarkably good condition especially for how many miles I’ve got on my Ferrari F430.

One of the biggest concerns people have about the Ferrari F430 is with the clutch life, and with the F1 Transmission having issues. Although the F1 transmission in the F430 is considered to be very reliable and durable, there have been instances of it having issues that can be very expensive to fix. Worst case scenarios – people have had to replace the entire transmission although that seems to be fairly uncommon.

The F1 Transmission in the F430 has an electronically controlled differential called an E-Diff. This is also a very expensive component and can cost a lot if things are needing repairs.

Basically the F1 transmission is a hydraulically actuated manual gearbox powered by hydraulic actuators, solenoids, and a computer. This manages the clutch engagement and shifting between gears.

The clutch in the Ferrari F430 has a bad reputation of not lasing very long. Typical life seems to be in the 40K mile range with some people getting more and some less. It would appear that I’m going to get significantly over 40K miles as I’m already at 25K miles and have only 35% clutch wear. Many people talk about how that has to do with how you drive the car.

If you have questions for Josh you would like answered in future videos, please contact me.

If you want to replace your accumulator you can get one from Ricambi America here:

I ALMOST CRASHED my Ferrari into multiple SUPERCARS on a RALLY

I was somehow invited to participate in the Scuderia Society’s Raduno Rally out in the Texas Hillcountry. We started in Austin at the Domain and had a police motorcycle escort out of the city. Then we drove all the way out to Blackboard’s BBQ for lunch.

We drove some of the greatest roads in the area with lots of hills, turns, and beautiful scenery! Lots of the Texas wild flowers are in full bloom this time of year. The entire route lasted about 250 miles.

Near the end of the drive on Hamilton Pool Road, there’s a 1 lane bridge that is hidden around a corner. We were still going very fast when cresting a hill and noticed cars fully stopped covering both lanes of the road! I came extremely close to crashing into a bunch of supercars! CODE BROWN!

We ended the day back at the Domain and I must say, it was simply the most well organized, most fun, and exciting rally I’ve been on. The people participating were incredible with awesome stories and of course amazing rides! I can’t wait for the next one.

Scuderia Society:

Baking Totino’s Pizza Rolls with a Ferrari 360 Exhaust

For some reason, Stu thought it would be a brilliant idea to bake some Totino’s Pizza Rolls on the exhaust of his Ferrari 360 while on his way to come meet us. The impressive part is they actually got heated up pretty well and tasted good.

I also had Richard try driving my F430 and let him see what a real Ferrari feels like. (I’m kidding. Ok, only sorta.) Then we head out to the parts store in 4 Ferraris, the 355, 360, F430, and 458.

Modding a FERRARI 458 with Air Horn, Carbon Wings, & Dead Pedal

In this video we install 3 modifications to Richard’s Ferrari 458 Italia – a new Ferrari 355 Air Horn, machined dead pedal, and carbon fiber front canards (wings).

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Air horn:
458 Dead Pedal:
355 Passenger Foot Rest as seen in Jeff’s car:
355 Dead Pedal:
Dead Pedals, Foot Rests, Pedals for MOST Ferraris:

The front bumper removal on the Ferrari 458 is a little bit more difficult than it was to remove on the Ferrari F430. You will definitely need more than one person to remove and reinstall. You can install the Air Horns without removing the bumper, but it must come off to install the new canards.

The installation of the dead pedal is super simple. You just need to unscrew the original dead pedal, pull off the rubber piece, then install the new dead pedal and bolt it down with the included bolts.

PULLED OVER for speeding! Street Drag Racing TX2K19!

I wanted to check out the well known and somewhat infamous TX2K Street Drag competition at the Houston Raceway Park in Baytown, Texas. This even is well known for having some of the fastest cars in the country, including some street cars that can run some insane quarter mile times! They not only have traditional drag racing, but they do the very fun to watch Roll Racing!

The action at the drag strip was outstanding and I’m definitely going to make this an annual thing for me. Outside of the track, lots of illegal street racing was going on, but I decided that I’m too old and I’ve already had my share of street racing as a kid. So instead I went to my buddy Frankie and Jess’s house and went to bed early. I know, I’m lame.

Saturday morning Frankie and I went over to the Exotics on Market Street event and checked out some incredible rides, including a Porsche Carrera GT and Ferrari F12TDF! There were plenty of rare and awesome cars to be seen there.

Finally, on Friday night after dinner, Jessica managed to get pulled over by a Sheriff’s deputy. You’ll have to watch to see if she gets a ticket.


I was invited to participate in an exclusive Ferrari Track Soiree by Ferrari of Austin. One of the requirements to get my Ferrari F430 out on the track was to have an inspection performed by Ferrari of Austin, which I ultimately failed because there were cracks in my tires – likely caused by driving the summer only tires in the colder temps during the winter. The tires are Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2s and are only about 2-3 years old and easily have at least 2k miles left.

Because I’m a moron and didn’t schedule the inspection to happen earlier in the week, I was unable to source new tires in only a matter of hours, and could not drive my car on the track. I still came to the event and had a fun time watching all the Ferraris drive as fast as they could at the Circuit of the Americas. There were 360, F430, 430 Scuderia, 458, 488, Pista, Portifino, and California that all went out on track. Pretty much every modern Ferrari you can think of.

Changing the brake fluid on a Ferrari 458 Italia and F430

Richard and I were scheduled to have a track day at the Circuit of the Americas with the Ferrari North America people. Before we head off to the track, we wanted to put in new brake fluid into Richard’s Ferrari 458 Italia and my Ferrari F430.

The brake fluid we used is Castrol SRF React brake fluid and performs very well when under high temps like you will experience on the track. Changing the brake fluid on both cars is very simple and can easily be performed using simple hand tools, but it helps to have a Motiv pressurized brake bleeder system. You first need to suck the old fluid out of the reservoir using a brake bleeder vacuum pump.

While I had the wheels off and since I was going to be using the brakes pretty hard, I wanted to also check on my brake pad thickness and brake rotor thickness. You can use a simple brake pad thickness gauge to check on the pads, and a brake caliper gauge.

Ferrari F430 Buyers Guide and Consulting Service

I’ve spent a month gathering my thoughts to the question, “If I were to buy another F430, what would I have done differently.” The result is I created a “Ferrari F430 Buyers Guide” that I believe will be extremely helpful to prospective Ferrari F430 buyers. The guide will help you determine what to look for and what flaws you might find acceptable or not.

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If you wish to have a personalized discussion about a Ferrari F430 purchase, I am also now offering hourly base consultation services. You can ask whatever questions you may have over the phone, email, or even DM services.

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If you wish to have me come assist you in person, whether that’s physically inspecting the car you are interested in, or just to discuss the purchase in person, you can purchase my In Person Purchasing Assistance.

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The MOST FERRARIS I’ve seen in person

Ferrari organized a massive rally with 50 Ferraris heading from all the Ferrari dealerships in Texas (Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, and Austin) to the Circuit of Americas. There at COTA, we were invited to watch the Ferrari Challenge which is my favorite event at COTA.

We started off by meeting at Ferrari of Austin, then about 20 Ferraris went on a rally. Half way through we met up with the Ferrari of San Antonio people and then had an even bigger group for the rally.

We saw just about every Ferrari you can imagine: 488 Pista, 488 GTB, 458 Speciale, 458 Italia, 430 Scuderia, F430, 360, 355 GTS, 328, and 308. Plus all of the challenge cars!

Unfortunately, before the event even got started, one of the Ferrari Club of America members was involved in a hit and run and his Ferrari sustained some significant damage. This is why I always have a dash cam running in my car. You should probably get one too.

Visit the Dashcam Store to pick up a Dashcam and protect your car.


After the RATX Poker Run I brought the Ferrari F430 (F4Turdy) back to Authentic Details ( to have them safely and professionally remove the vinyl stickers and paint protection film put on the car before the rally. They use all the tricks of the trade, steam, heat guns, and even sunlight to help warm up the wrap so it would come off easier and stay together. The most important part was to do this carefully so we did not damage the paint and need to have it repainted again. That would have been horrible. Thankfully, the skilled individuals at Authentic Details did an incredible job and the car is back to looking nearly perfect.

Authentic Details can be reached at